It’s about Eclipse Demo Camp time!

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Eclipse Indigo is coming in June. And the Eclipse Foundation runs a series of DemoCamps all over the world to highlight this simultaneous release train.

…same procedure as every year: Eclipse Demo Camp meets Dresden at the University of Technology. Currently we have about 60 registrations and there are only 2 days left to sign on to the Camp:

This years’ camp is dominated by Xtext – 3 out 5 demos will show Xtext features or Xtext based tools. So I will give a short demo to requirements engineering with Eclipse based tooling.

Looking forward to seeing you all next week.


Getting Checkstyle, PMD and other plugins to work with Maven

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In one of my last projects on customer side I had to do a lot of Maven 3 and Tycho stuff. The customer is currently developing a new asset management software. While previous releases were written in C++ the new version to be published soon is based on JavaEE (JBoss AS) on server side and has an Eclipse RCP Client. So I was asked to move the current PDE/Build to Tycho and to support the development team while establishing the Maven build process.

Last but not least I had to include a wide range of reporting plugins, like PMD, Findbugs, Checkstyle, JDepend and so on. With the help of the article “Adding FindBugs and DRY(CPD) Reporting to Maven3/Tycho” bye David Carver I was able to get the Findbugs plugin working. But neither the PMD plugin nor Checkstyle plugin have produced any results. We didn’t get any exception or error code and so we didn’t know where to start searching for reasons.

After a certain amount of time the idea to start Maven with debug option came to my head. So I started mvn -X pmd:check and the debug output looked like the following (stripped to the relevant part):

[DEBUG] Configuring mojo 'org.apache.maven.plugins:maven-pmd-plugin:2.5:pmd' with basic configurator -->
[DEBUG]   (f) aggregate = false
[DEBUG]   (f) compileSourceRoots = [/Users/martin/Workspaces/xxx/yyy/src/main/java]
[DEBUG]   (f) format = xml
[DEBUG]   (f) includeTests = false
[DEBUG]   (f) linkXRef = true
[DEBUG]   (f) minimumPriority = 5
[DEBUG]   (f) outputDirectory = /Users/martin/Workspaces/xxx/yyy/target/site
[DEBUG]   (f) project = MavenProject: abc:1.0.4 @ /Users/martin/Workspaces/xxx/yyy/pom.xml
[DEBUG]   (f) reactorProjects = [MavenProject: abc:1.0.4 @ /Users/martin/Workspaces/xxx/yyy/pom.xml]
[DEBUG]   (f) skip = false
[DEBUG]   (f) targetDirectory = /Users/martin/Workspaces/xxx/yyy/target
[DEBUG]   (f) testSourceRoots = [/Users/martin/Workspaces/xxx/yyy/src/test/java]
[DEBUG]   (f) xrefLocation = /Users/martin/Workspaces/xxx/yyy/target/site/xref
[DEBUG]   (f) xrefTestLocation = /Users/martin/Workspaces/xxx/yyy/target/site/xref-test
[DEBUG] -- end configuration --

In line #4 you can see the simple reason for not getting any results from PMD. By default Maven uses src/main/java directory for locating source files. Because the customer has started to develop Eclipse RCP aká Plug-In projects all sources reside in src/ directory by default.


After adjusting the source code directory in parent pom.xml all went fine and the PMD plugin and Checkstyle plugin found sources to process.

You may ask: Why the PMD plugin wasn’t working properly, while Findbugs was? The answer is simple: Findbugs analyzes Java bytecode, also known as compiled Java classes. It doesn’t need any source files to work. PMD and Checkstyle both work with source files.

I hope this little article will help you getting your Maven plugins to work.

Vortragsreihe Leipzig “Was tun, wenn´s menschelt im Projekt?” – 22.03.2011

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Die Vortragsreihe “Leipzig” startet am 22.03.2011 um 18:30 Uhr in der Praxisklinik am Johannisplatz in das Jahr 2011. Unter dem Titel “Was tun, wenn’s menschelt im Projekt?” wollen wir einen Einblick in die Bereiche Kommunikation, Besprechungsmanagement, Führungskompetenz, Konfliktmanagement und Teamentwicklung geben. Seit den frühen 90’ern ist die Referentin Sabine Niodusch als Unternehmensberaterin tätig und konnte seitdem umfangreiche Erfahrungen auf den Gebieten Organisationsentwicklung und -beratung sammeln. Weitere Informationen zur Referentin Sabine Niodusch gibt’s auf ihrer Webseite unter:

Veranstaltungsort: Praxisklinik am Johannisplatz, Johannisplatz 1, 04103 Leipzig
Uhrzeit: 18:30 Uhr – 22:00 Uhr

Wie immer ist die Veranstaltung im Rahmen der Vortragsreihe unverbindlich und kostenfrei und dient zum Austausch zwischen Kunden, Mitarbeitern und Partnern.

Der Vortrags- und Diskussionsteil ist auf 90 Minuten ausgelegt. Im Anschluss besteht bei einem kleinen Imbiss die Möglichkeit zur individuellen Diskussion.

Anmeldungen bitte über das Anmeldeformular der itemis oder das Xing Event Registrierung.

Eclipse Stammtisch Dresden, January 27th 2011

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Because it’s always great to meet other Eclipse developers I will organize a “Eclipse Stammtisch” in Dresden, Saxony. A “Stammtisch” is a very German tradition. The “Eclipse Stammtisch” get-together is loosly organized and is to meet informally and share interesting information about Eclipse or Eclipse related topics.

Here are the details:

Location: Feldschlößchen Stammhaus, Dresden
When: January 27, 19:00

If you want to attend the “Stammtisch” please use the Doodle poll or Xing Event registration.

I’m looking forward to seeing you in January!